April 24, 2009

Eclipse: User Operation is Waiting, and Waiting, ...

I am using Eclipse since quite a long time, sometimes around 2002. That was version 2.0, if I remember correctly. Since then, I have always upgraded to the latest version, if not milestone build. Most of the time I was quite happy with the stability and really appreciated all the evolving features and UI improvements.

One major improvement (it was in 3.0, right?) was when they moved builds to a background process, enabling you to continue working when the class or project needed to be compiled.

But... what is this? In all the latest release versions (3.4.0 ... 3.4.2) I sometimes get this dialog when trying to save a file:

Eclipse can't save my file while it is building "in the background"? Come on! Nota bene, I am not talking about .project files or other stuff the whole build could depend upon, it's also true for simple resources or even documentation files!

That's really annoying. This is a modal dialog, which means I have to wait for minutes until build is complete or at least in a state where Eclipse thinks it can save the file. Of course, the user interface is blocked during that time... unless you cancel the save task.

I use the Eclipse Java EE package and additionally have installed a couple of regular plugins, like m2eclipse and oAW. So I can't tell for sure who is actually causing this mess, but on the other hand my installation is probably not so unusual and I'm sure others get this issue as well. There are some entries in various issue databases telling me that I'm right.

Eclipse is great and I (still) love it – but our relationship really gets poisoned by this kind of things... Maybe I try IntelliJ IDEA or NetBeans one day... I have warned you!


  1. I'm with you man. I was just trying to find some way to kill the "building workspace task", but no luck. It's pretty frustrating.

  2. happend to me after installing subversion

  3. Yeah this all causing only after installing subversion.Even i was frustrated with the issue.I tried changing all configuration,removed unused plugins and also increased heap memory of eclipse.but there is no use..its just IRRITATING me..

    If anyone come-up with solution please mail me the process to the below given id..


    Thanks in advance.

  4. I used to wait for the "User Operating is Waiting" dialog to go away on its own, but I recently realized that that in my version of eclipse (latest) I can just close the dialog and keep editing files.

    This dialog is only modal until you close it. Closing it does not stop the queued actions from happening in the background while you continue working!

    1. Wow Cool :) this trick help me......................

  5. @Forecast Monkey
    Wow, that was too easy :-) I feel stupid for not figuring it out on my own. Thanks, that trick will save a lot of time for me!

  6. I am building 1 project, I want to save file in other project and this happens. Same with updating 1 project from CVS, I try to save source file in other project, boom this dialog comes... Really frustrating